Our AC Drives has many features which meets the demand of its users. It is very cost effective and user friendly. Its important functions are control without PG Vector, its RPM Track. It has Torque limitation and Multistep speed. Its automatic self-adjustment function makes it more Compatible with modern needs. Its frequency range is 0-400Hz. The combination of multi modes and the switch between different modes can be realized. Multifunction shortcut keys can be set for the functions like Jog inching, REV and FWD, clear UP/DOWN set, left shift key display the status, quickly debug mode.



We do the automation for any textile processing machineries. Our design of display is user friendly and perfect for automation using required digital and analog IOs. We make manual functions to help operators in case of emergency. The features of our HMI meets the demand of customers. Our HMI is highly reliable that delivers safe, cost effective, consistent and intuitive performance.

Dyeing controller

Dyeing controller

Our dyeing Controller has perfect functions, appearance, and structures, and is perfect in performance. It uses 32 bit high speed processor which is an initiative product and takes the leading position. It uses color 10.4 inch display Module of 640 x 480 image points, touch screen, or mouse. It has 512m storage space, device structures stage diagram which shows clearly the operating status of the equipment at a glance. Four PT-100 inputs, six 4 ~ 20ma analog outputs, two high speed pulse inputs and twelve 20 ma analog Outputs , can be allocated with many kinds of PLCs, and the switching input/Output can be expanded without limit.

Panel Controller

Electrical Panels

We can provide all types of electrical panels i.e MCC Panel, APFC Panel, LT Panel, Distribution panel, etc..